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Welcome to the SeaLion Collaboratum

The Sea Lions of La Jolla are a perfect illustration of the complex nature of user conflicts experienced anywhere there are scarce resources and more than one group that wants to use them. There is no one perfect solution and the history of warfare certainly supports the notion that conflicts continue to arise amongst groups of people with imperfect remedies. Today, our enlightened human population is striving to find the best balance between the users of the marine reserve and beaches in La Jolla. Our own actions in protecting marine mammals (which include sea lions) and previous actions eradicating their predators and our current use of seafront property are creating a number of conflicts amounts the groups we call stakeholders. The best solution is not clear, and the solutions will have to continue to evolve as users increase, resources change and the environment itself causes shifts in use. All the moving parts are not well understood and each intuitive or "knee jerk" reaction to attempt to solve "the problem" only turns up more problems and complex relationships. How do we make educated decisions that will result in the best outcomes today and in the future? We must understand all of the problem and relationships. Our group of experienced professionals from many disciplines is applying the practices of Enterprise Engineering to create a rational approach to this overwhelmingly complex problem.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) as used by governments, defense and commercial organizations utilize models based on accepted frameworks (e.g. DoDAF, TOGAF, FEA and Zachman) to develop solutions incorporating business and technical infrastructure to complex problems. We propose a workshop demonstrating the applicability of this approach using the problem of the over population of sea lions and the related management issues in the San Diego area. The influx of sea lions in the La Jolla area is causing environmental and social problems leading to political, economic, policy, business, culture and environment conflicts. This will serve as a case study in how to use EA in other environmental and humanitarian situations.

To learn more about the problem and the players (known as stakeholders) please explore our wiki. To become part of the solution, please join us as we collect information, define the problem space and value system. We will then create decision support tools through a combination of disciplines and these will be presented to the city council and any others who might benefit from their use.

Get to know the SLWG

Who We Are

The Association of Enterprise Architects California (AEA CA) Chapter is a group of experienced professionals from multiple disciplines who have combined their knowledge, skillsets and desire to solve complex issues in order to form the Sea Lion Working Group (SLWG). The SLWG is comprised of university professors, private business owners, Department of Defense contractors, and other professionals who are volunteering their time based on shared interests and backgrounds in Systems Engineering and Enterprise Architecture, and their application to complex systems involving human and animal interactions for a sustainable and balanced ecological environment.


The SLWG is actively applying the practices of Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering to develop a viable systems approach for managing the Sea Lion problem plaguing the La Jolla Cove area in San Diego, CA.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to employ the principals and practices of Enterprise Architecture to design an effective problem-solving tool that will aid city officials, community leaders and other involved stakeholders to develop a means to address the complex issues impacting human and animal (i.e. Sea Lion) interactions in San Diego’s La Jolla Cove area.

Collaboratum Status
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Bulletin Board
* Listen to Caitlan Rother speak about the Sea Lions and La Jolla Cove on October 30th with LaDona Harvey and Ted Garcia on KOGO-AM at 7:40 A.M., so tune in!

*Dr. Bellman and Dr. Viswanathan presented the project to a packed room at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Conference last week

*Over 30 Sea Lions took over the cove area during the Labor Day Weekend causing swimmers to move to other beaches

Sea Lion exhibiting bites similar to those consistent with what one would expect from a shark beached himself at the Beach and Tennis Club

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